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The programs are completely free and easily installed / uninstalled.   The Download versions are made to run on Microsoft Windows compatible operating systems. The Play Online version works on Macs or PCs.  We welcome suggestions and comments  (support@hiyah.net)  Thanks!

Download vs Play Online: Download vs Play Online: If you are using a PC running MS-Windows and you are on a computer that you are allowed to download to, Download is clearly the best option.  The program will have a much higher resolution, the speed and animations will be better, and the program is on your own PC to use whenever you wish.  If you are on a school computer that does not allow downloads or your are using a Mac, the the Play Online option is the best alternative for you.  It will have a much lower resolution and the animations are somewhat distorted.  The first slide of the online version will take a few minutes to load but everything is there.   Download and Play online are BOTH FREE.



Some downloads being updated, will return soon.....


Occupation Category

Typical Occupations     FREE Download (click RUN when  dialog appears) or FREE Play Online  
The Arts Artist, photographer, etc.  (update April 2009)  

 Download   Play Online

Entertainment Actor, dancer, etc.   (update April 2009)  

 Download   Play Online

Medical Doctors, nurses, etc   Download   Play Online




Banker, Engineer, Pilot, Teacher, etc  (update April 2009)   Download  Play Online  
Protectors Fireman, Policeman, etc   (update April 2009)   Download   Play Online
Trades Plumber, Welder, etc   Download  Play Online
Service Industries Cashier, Housekeep, etc.  (update April 2009)   Download   Play Online
Agriculture Farmer, Fisherman, Rancher   (update April 2009)
 Download  Play Online
Sports basketball, baseball, swimming, etc  (update April 2009)   Download   Play Online
Transportation  (update April 2009)

 Download   Play Online